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Capture your trade ideas.
Research Management System
Build your thesis, documentation and process. All gets saved so that you can build a library of ideas and review as they become ripe.
See when the board-members are buying
Insider Trades visualized
We have rendered the buys and sells of the managers and board members, these are the people that know their sector and future trends. It is important to follow these trends; it can highlight changes with board agreements and Sector changes.
The rigour and structure of a good process is supported to help you define a thesis for your investment.
Watchlist to drive decisions
Your feature-rich watchlist helps keep track of opportunities that you have identified and documented. Do not mis-time entries , define your investment plan ahead of time.
  • Fundamental data
    Fundamental data on all nordic companies.
  • Reports
    Access to all annual and quarterly reports for nordic companies.
  • Screener
    Find interesting companies by using our innovative screener.
  • Tailored News Feed
    Coming soon
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