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Have you ever lost money in the stock market?
According to brokers, 81% of retail investors lose money in the stock market. Why is that?
Let's have a look at what a professional investor has...
...and compare it to what a retail investors has. A professional investor has a Bloomberg terminal at € 2000 per month, a risk manager and an army of analysts. A retail investor is left alone with home-rolled spread sheets and Yahoo Finance.
is a web based decision support tool empowering you with the necessary data, tools and processes so that you can manage your portfolio like a professional. Through simple rules and hints of gamification Traders Alloy teaches you how to invest based on knowledge rather than emotions.
Edger Finance
Our Story
After taken some professional investment training Andrew took an interest in the financial markets. The methods were based on maintaining spreadsheets and updating data. Having spent the last 20 years leading technical teams and building big data bases Andrew thought that there must be a product in this, so he started prototyping.

6 months later he bumped into Petter who instantly saw the potential and they decided to make the financial markets a more even playing field for retail investors.
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